Congratulations to Head Coach, Sarah, on her coaching achievement!

Congratulations to Head Coach, Sarah, on her coaching achievement!

A huge congratulations to our new Head Coach Sarah Haslam in completing her BTF level 3 HPCP!_

After nearly a year course work and 4 weekends in Leeds I celebrated completing the British Triathlon High Performing Coach Programme. It was a fantastic, challenging and thought provoking course which took commitment and emotional bravery from me . As a result of the course I have developed further as a person and coach which enables me to continue my journey coaching from a significantly better perspective.

Here’s a short summary quoted from BTF on what the course is all about.

High Performing coaching. High performing is about doing the best job possible to the best of one’s abilities in whatever coaching role a coach opts to follow. It is designed to help coaches develop wide ranging high-level skills and abilities that are applicable to whatever path they take in coaching, including:

  • Be capable of making critically informed decisions, leading to effective coaching practice that is at the forefront of the coaching profession.
  • Acquire knowledge through research, investigation and knowledge sharing activities in a breadth of domains and to a depth relevant to the role of developing the participant, self and others.
  • Have developed a high level of self-awareness and reflective practice, showing commitment to advancing their own practice as high-performing coaches.
  • Possess highly developed communication, leadership and pedagogical coaching skills.

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